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We have some very exciting company developments to share with our Glamping tribe!

We hope you’re enjoying our series on Baja & today we’ll be sharing some of the highlights we couldn’t cover in our other posts.

As we make our way back to San Felipe from Cabo Pulmo, we always try to stop by Santa Rita hot springs. This majestical place is just north of Los Cabos & around the corner from the small village of San Jorge. The road to the springs is not paved but still manageable without a 4x4. There are numerous hot spring pools, beautiful ponds & waterfalls that you can immerse yourself in.

On this particular Baja trip, we made our way back to La Paz to visit Isla Espiritu Santo & La Lobera, which we’ve been meaning to explore for a while.

You may have noticed that we’ve been absent over the past weeks, getting much needed R&R from another crazy, wild & wonderful year.

In our constant pursuit of living a more nature oriented & balanced lifestyle, we follow the birds south to the warm waters of Baja in winter. This very special journey brings our year closure & consummates the season. It tunes us in with seasonal cycles & nature’s circadian rhythm. This “hibernation” of sorts helps us look inward & reflect on our struggles, achievements, lessons learned & overall company direction.

Much of our blessings, intentions & prayers for the new season start here & boy have we conjured up some audacious goals for 2023. More on that soon.

Following up on our last post, we make our way down to Cabo Pulmo from La Paz. This is about anther 2-3 hour drive south, as we reach the tip of Baja California where the Mar de Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean.

 This place is a national park and teeming with marine bio-diversity and coral reefs. It is a United Nations world heritage site and a Mecca for snorkelers and divers. The abundance of marine life, reefs and pelagic species brings people from all over the world to explore these waters.


In the course of our complex internet marketing approach from the trenches of cyberspace, we recently discovered that Alila/Hyatt is now offering a beautiful glamping experience in Ventana Big Sur:

The space looks amazing like only Hyatt could deliver. It's a significant move for a leading multi-national hospitality company with 1100 hotels and all-inclusive properties in 69 countries across six continents.

Here in San Diego, a quick internet search brings up over a dozen glamping options across the county, as well as multiple paid ads inciting you to book now. Everything from glamping by the beach, glamping at a winery, yoga glamping and even an Alpaca glamping experience.

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