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Following up on our last post, we make our way down to Cabo Pulmo from La Paz. This is about anther 2-3 hour drive south, as we reach the tip of Baja California where the Mar de Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean.

 This place is a national park and teeming with marine bio-diversity and coral reefs. It is a United Nations world heritage site and a Mecca for snorkelers and divers. The abundance of marine life, reefs and pelagic species brings people from all over the world to explore these waters.

 We usually camp at Playa Arbolito where you can snorkel out right from the shore. We’ve seen turtles, sharks, dolphins and huge schools of fish and even whales just off the shore on our many trips there.

 You can also spend a day diving by boat to some of the many unique dive sites in the area. Cabo Pulmo is primarily a diving village with many reputable diving companies to choose from.

 The town is very small, rustic and with limited amenities. There are a few great restaurants to choose from, as well as a visitor center with some beautiful artwork and displays.

 Much of our time here is spent in the water and the water temperature is usually in the 80’s. The water here is much warmer even in December and the visibility is superb.

 From Cabo Pulmo, we slowly make our way back north and stopping by some of the favorite places we missed on the drive down. This leg of the journey back home is a little less planned and makes it fun with the spontaneity.

 With so many destinations and experiences along the way to choose from, you can drive back at your own pace and break up the ride to more manageable spurts. We’ll feature some of our favorite stops in our next post! Visit Baja!

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