Mount Laguna is one of the highest peaks in San Diego county at 6,000+ ft elevation. It's one of the only places in San Diego to experience snowfall in the winter. It's not uncommon to get up to 3 feet of snow at these altitudes and it's one of the most unique characteristics of this region.

There are plenty of open space areas and hillsides to snowboard and play in the snow. Although we're not comparable to winter destination's such as Big Bear with ski lifts and steep slopes, we still offer a unique winter wonderland experience very close to home.

It's a great place to practice and learn with a variety of open space areas to explore.

Please be prepared when visiting the area. Snow chains may be required.

We’re blessed to have these beautiful winter snow conditions on our San Diego mountains, less than an hour away of downtown. There’s no doubt that it’s a beautiful and magical natural phenomena that touches us all, as it eventually cascades down through our rivers, waterfalls and into our valleys. It’s a very life line of San Diego county that concentrate at these sacred peaks.

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