Backpacking is an experience that blends distance hiking with dispersed camping. You must be able to carry all of life’s essentials on your back and you must be very strategic about your choice of gear.

One of the most famous backpacking trails in the world is the Pacific Crest Trail - a 2,650 miles wilderness path that runs through our backcountry.

This national scenic trail originates in Mexico and continues through California, Oregon, Washington and Canada.

Every year, hundreds of hikers and equestrians leave the world behind and embark on this pilgrimage across 3 countries. Some only travel a few miles, while others complete every mile in a single season. The entire hike takes approximately 3 months to complete and traverses the desert, Sierra Nevada and volcanic peaks in the Cascade Range.

The PCT movement represents a global devotion to the unique geography of the Western United States. People from all over the globe traverse this journey on foot, leaving the world behind and embarking on a 3 month long nature immersive experience.

It's one of the most important cultural phenomenons in recent years, as it relates to nature experiences, outdoor recreation and environmental stewardship.

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