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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

Rami and Shantel, Red Sea, Egypt 2007

Is your business model sustainable, scalable and completely automated? What are you doing to build a brand culture that people want to get behind? In this monumental time of technological convergence and acceleration, how are you leveraging on-line tools and applications to help your business grow?

In these crazy and uncertain times for entrepreneurs specifically, as well as the world in general, we’re thankful to have made it through the chaos of COVID-19 and everything else that's ensued thereafter.

A lot has changed over the past months from how we interact with each other, to what our priorities are as individuals and as a country. Winds of change are manifesting all around us, while we learn to navigate this new and exciting world of tech convergence, social media activism and the true power of individual autonomy.

Never have we had access to so much liberating and thought provoking knowledge, coupled with the technological capacity to act on it at the hands of the average citizen.

Never has the importance of self-reliance, sustainable living, preparedness and responsible business been so pertinent, as we explore new models moving forward during this era of great awakening.

This will be an era marked by transparency culture and innovation, ethical business models and localized co-ops.

Long gone are the days of command / control based hierarchy, institutionalized thought, exploitative materialism and mass consumer culture.

As an entreprenuer navigating today’s complex business landscape, there's so much you need to know about the rapidly changing culture of consumerism and on-line marketing.

If you expect your business to grow and thrive during these uncertain economic times, you must be effectively leveraging the tools of the digital age.

Your success depends on your ability to nurture on-line leads over your competition, while creating demand for your destination and a brand culture that stands out.

How scalable is your business? How resilient is it to the economic and social upheaval we’ve witnessed in recent months?

How quickly and effectively can your business scale down, as well as recover from a shutdown lasting months? How resilient is your business to the kind of disruption and societal upheaval we’re witnessing today?

Could you survive another shutdown down?

Throughout our many years working in the global travel and hospitality industry, we learned early on about the importance of scalable and resilient business models. This was of course due to the inherent volatility of the global travel industry, having lived this experience first hand during the 2011 Arab Spring.

Over the years, we eventually combined all that we learned and experienced into the business we called Alter Experiences LLC.

Our business has survived its first global pandemic in the 3 short years since the company was founded. That's very exciting and has reaffirmed this path and business lifestyle we've dedicated our lives to.

It’s a very exciting time of growth challenge for the travel and hospitality industry. As hosts and destination ambassadors for the San Diego Backcountry, we hope that you’ll rise to the occasion and strive for a signature service and hospitality standard.

Tremendous potential and opportunity await us all.

With the proper integrations and on-line tools in place, you are able to run a very efficient, streamlined and scalable hospitality business with a skeleton crew.

How do I get there you ask?

Ask yourself the following questions.

How many hours a day are you spending improving your web-site and building your on-line brand? Are you doing it yourself, or are you consulting with professional web builders and designers?

Do you have an effective on-line booking platform that encourages people to book with you directly?

Are you building a presence on other bookings channels; such as Airbnb,, VRBO, Glamping Hub, Trip Advisor, Hip Camp and so many more? Do you have a channel manager integrated into your booking system to deal with this process?

Do you have a Customer Relations Management System CRM?

How do all these platforms integrate and communicate with each other, to streamline the booking experience and save you valuable hours of work?

It’s because we’ve applied these solutions that we’ve maintained a 90% occupancy rate since opening our doors.

Much of the attitude these days is, “hey, I am fully booked through the season. Why invest in any more marketing outreach? "

The work doesn’t end there. Are you nurturing new leads and building a brand culture that people want to follow? Are you working on attracting new demographics, especially younger travelers. Think about the importance of building your name with the new generation of travelers. This is part of the reason why we love catering to families with younger children. The experiences they build and share here will last in their memories forever.

We have a real passion for what we do here at Alter Experiences, helping families across many generational gaps create life-long memories in natural environments. Never has that mission been more important than now.

So are you just Airbnbing, or are you striving to create a hallmark hospitality experience?


With love and hope,

Shantel and Rami Abdel

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