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SAN DIEGO, FEBRUARY 15, 2019 -- After 2 years of consecutive business growth and hosting hundreds of happy glampers in San Diego’s backcountry, our company is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise $25,000 to expand operations.

Alter Experiences LLC is an outdoor hospitality company, dedicated to creating meaningful experiences in nature & encouraging sustainable tourism development globally. We founded the company in 2016, with the hope of setting some new and exciting tourism trends Southern California.

We're currently the first Tentsile Experience Camp in the US and the only glamping outfitter in California's National Forests. We've been in full operation as of 2016 with a pilot project in the Cleveland National Forest, under permission of the US Forestry Service.

Our glamping retreats are an outdoor hospitality experience unlike any other. Our primary sites are nestled in the high mountain forests of San Diego's backcountry - sky islands where pristine nature and wild-life thrives. These are some of the most remote and biologically diverse habitats in all of Southern California comprising many open space preserves, National Forest Lands and State Parks.

We strive to create the most comfortable outdoor experiences possible. We take all that's fun about traditional camping & combine it with modern comfort & state of the art equipment. The result is an outdoor & nature immersive experience unlike any other.

Alter Experience LLC currently operates under permit on the Cleveland National Forest. We were issued a 1-year permit for a pilot project that was initiated in April of 2018 in the Laguna / El Prado Campground. Our permit has been renewed in 2019 and we've been granted additional sites to expand our operation.

The money raised though our Kickstarter campaign will be used to purchase equipment to outfit our various sites. We hope to exceed our budget and be able to invest in a glamping caravan for pop-up events, weddings and other outdoor oriented over-night experiences.

You can pledge as little as $10 in exchange for a thank you card from our company founders. For a $99, you'll be spending the night in one of our tree tents with a friend.

With your help, we hope to continue getting people outdoor in nature and supporting the growth of sustainable tourism models in San Diego. Learn more at the following link:

We thank you for your support and look forward to hosting you soon #KickstartGlampingSanDiego

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Rami Abdel
(619) 816-0798
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