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Official Press Release 12/20/2016
By Rami Abdel - Founding Member & Managing Director

It’s very exciting times for the environmental protection & conservation movement. As events unfold around us, we’re witnessing a major shift towards environmental conservation & more alternative, sustainable ways of living. Trends such as glamping, eco-tourism & agri-tourism are gaining momentum & encouraging more sustainable tourism models, which give priority to environmental conservation.


The annual economic impact of the San Diego tourism industry is more than $18.3 billion. As one of the top tourism destinations in the country & consistently ranked among the top 20 world-wide; San Diego has a need for the development of eco-tourism & more sustainable tourism models.

We only have a handful of companies catering to eco-tourists, which represent a sector of the global tourism market worth $70 billion as of 2009.

We need to move quickly as a community if we expect to adopt & remain competitive in emerging global tourism trends.

Alter Experiences LLC is dedicated towards encouraging the development of sustainable tourism models such as eco-tourism, glamping, & agri-business development.

In 2016, the term glamping was recognized as a growing trend & introduced into the American Heritage Dictionary. The Agricultural Homestay  Act, which was been widely applied all over California, goes into affect in San Diego county as of January 2017. This policy is designed to encourage & incentivize agri-business development models in San Diego county.

There is still much awareness that needs to be raised & Alter Experiences is dedicated towards spearheading these developments in the San Diego county.

Our glamping retreats will be a platform towards raising awareness about these emerging trends, in the hopes of engendering a more sustainable future for our beautiful county.

We’ll be hosting our first glamping retreats in the Central Mountain Regions of San Diego as of March 1, 2017. We'll also be offering exclusive stays in a beautiful cabin overlooking Lake Cuyamaca, as well as 2 eco-dome on North Peak. Both the cabins & eco-domes will be complete by winter of 2017.

As a gesture of good will & to commemorate our launch into 2017, we’ll be hosting FREE glamping retreats for locals throughout January & February 2017.

All you have to pay is your park fee of $30 per night for a group of up to 8 people. Any additional vehicles are $10 extra.

Invite your friends & come gain a new appreciation for San Diego’s lesser know history & heritage. Sleep in the trees under the stars & rediscover the joys of nature & wildlife in one of our Tentsiles. This is an outdoor & nature experience unlike any other.

Sign-up on the form below for your chance to WIN. Like us on Facebook & tag the friends you’d like to bring with you. You may be the lucky winner of a glamping vacation with up to 4 of your friends.

Note: Alter Experiences LLC is an independent entity from the Rancho Cuyamaca State Park & Cleveland National Forest. We're still in the permitting process for our first glamping retreats by March of 2017. We're not allowed to accept any paid bookings until that time for either location.


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