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We hope you’re enjoying our series on Baja & today we’ll be sharing some of the highlights we couldn’t cover in our other posts.

As we make our way back to San Felipe from Cabo Pulmo, we always try to stop by Santa Rita hot springs. This majestical place is just north of Los Cabos & around the corner from the small village of San Jorge. The road to the springs is not paved but still manageable without a 4x4. There are numerous hot spring pools, beautiful ponds & waterfalls that you can immerse yourself in.

On this particular Baja trip, we made our way back to La Paz to visit Isla Espiritu Santo & La Lobera, which we’ve been meaning to explore for a while.

The trip to this national park is about an hour by Panga. This massive complex of islands is one of Baja’s most unique attractions, featuring stunning rock formations & secluded white sand beaches. The warm clear waters are home to an abundance of marine life. We saw multiple dolphin pod species and seal lion pods on the ride, as well as flying Mobulas and the occasional whale in the distance. We got to snorkel at La Lobera Pichilingue, which is a teeming sea lion habitat & sanctuary. There is a sea lion nursery and the juveniles tend to be very playful.

Another one of our favorite stops back north is the town of Santa Rosalia. This proud & historic mining town is a very popular destination, with many attractions & sightseeing opportunities. There are great restaurants, shops & “panaderias” to stop by & stock up on munchies for the road.

Next stop North could be San Ignacio Lagoon or Guerrero Negro, where you can interact with giant grey whales from a panga. This is another one of Baja’s most unique wildlife attractions. San Ignacio is a little more rustic while GN is more developed. Both have unique Baja charm & appeal.

The drive from GN to San Felipe is about 6.5 hours & you can break it up at Bay of LA or Gonzaga Bay, which are some of the most spectacular beaches in Baja Norte. From there you’re onto San Felipe & hopefully our Hacienda!

As San Diegan’s, we’re so lucky to have Baja as our neighbors. You’re missing out on something really special if you’ve never been. Visit Baja & bring the kids!

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