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Julian Dark Sky Glamping

San Diego’s backcountry is unique in many ways including being one of the last places in California where you can still observe the milky way with the naked eye.

Until recently, for all of human history, our ancestors experienced a sky brimming with stars – a night sky that inspired science, religion, philosophy, art and literature. The natural night sky is our common and universal heritage, yet it’s rapidly becoming unknown to the newest generations.

At Alter Experiences, we're proud to be supporting the goals of the Julian Dark Sky Network that include:

Promote the enjoyment and preservation of Julian's dark night sky.

Develop and organize more year round public astronomy activities.

Share with the community the exciting scientific breakthroughs that are taking place in our understanding of the universe.

We're dedicated to the preservation of our heritage, our environment, our wildlife and our majestic star-lit skies.






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