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 Lifestyle Business Guide from Alter Experiences

It’s been 7 years since we took the decision to move up to the mountain and give this thing a try. That was the best decision we ever made and paid off in so many unique and unexpected ways.

We set off some fun and exciting outdoor hospitality and recreation trends, became the first glamping outfitter in the state, expanded rapidly, planted seeds in Baja, expanded into property management and will be launching our Lake Cuyamaca experiences this year.

We’ve had a lot of time these last few weeks while preparing our lifestyle business guide, to look back and reflect on everything it’s taken us to get here. We did our best to condense this entrepreneurial journey into a 17-page publication, which we hope will inspire other dreamers and aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue those passion projects. We’re so grateful to be able to share our story with you, as well as our insights into what it takes to create a lifestyle business of your own.

Download the guide HERE.


Shantel, Rami and Yusuf

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