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Starry Night Glamping in Laguna Campground

We've been all hands on deck in the operation over the past few weeks. Back to back bookings every weekend and a lot more weekday bookings, which is always nice to see.

High season will continue right into October and we're preparing for a good winter season as well. Many return guests and people that heard of us through word of mouth. It fills our hearts with joy to watch every guest expression of excitement and to know that we've exceeded their expectations every time.

It's a constant affirmation of the uniqueness of our concept and outdoor hospitality model. We watched a group of grown men turn into kids yesterday playing on our tree tents and soaking in the great outdoors. Something about this majestic mountain forest that soothes the soul, provides instant calm and makes you forget all your troubles. Such a special place for bonding experiences with family and friends.

Our CBS-8 story should be airing later this month across the country and we can't wait to see what more will come of it.

We had such a wonderful mid-year review last week with US Forest Service. If all goes as planned, we're looking at a 3-5 year outfitting permit starting in 2020, with expanded outfitting services and more sites to manage. Very exciting developments in the works thanks to the support of USFS, which we'll tell you about towards the end of the year.

We just transitioned to a new property management system, which we're extremely happy with. We highly recommend Guesty for all your booking and PMS needs. Seamless integration with our web-site and other booking channels, as well as metrics.

We're very proud of our web-site and internet marketing strategy, which took years in the making culminating with our Kickstarter campaign last March. Internet marketing has made all the difference for us as an up-start company with a shoe-string budget. It's truly amazing what one person can achieve these days with the power of computing.

We're so thankful to you all for helping us accomplish these achievements. We pride ourselves in being a completely transparent and consumer driven company. We need more transparency and openness in business.

It's been a momentous and life-changing journey for us both bringing this concept to reality. Nature has been our guide through it all. It was a leap of faith against reason at times, as well as the traditional business approach. But we have always had a tendency to follow the heart, even if it goes against the world sometimes. And we would never dream of living any other way.

Much Love,

Rami and Shantel

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