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Julian Chamber of Commerce Mixer at Alter Experiences

San Diego tourism is booming! National  Geographic’s recent feature on San Diego's bio-diversity has opened up an entire new demographic of green travelers and eco-conscious tourists to Southern California destinations.

Our destination’s tourism appeal is changing and it’s going to be an exciting year of growth for responsible tourism trends; such as glamping, ecotourism and experiential tourism models.

According to Travel Pulse 2019, glamping in the USA is expected to be a billion dollar industry by 2024. Experiential and ecotourism models continue to be the fastest growing sub-sector in the world tourism market.

These trends were very apparent to us when we first established Alter Experiences LLC in 2016. We’re a glamping and outdoor hospitality venue based in the San Diego backcountry. We take great pleasure in getting people outdoor in nature and supporting the growth of sustainable tourism models in San Diego.

Here is what we’ve accomplished for the outdoor hospitality industry In the 2 years since our founding;

       - We’re the first and only glamping outfitter permitted in a California National Park
       - We’re currently the only outdoor hospitality and glamping venue of it’s kind in San Diego County
       - We’re the first and only year round Tentsile (tree tents) Experience Camp in the world

We're excited to share our NEW plans for expansion, which we invite you to be a part of.

We would appreciate your help in getting the word out about these exciting new trends in San Diego’s tourism industry. We have a lot to share about the need for responsible tourism, particularly in our backcountry. These are some of the last open space preserves left in the county with tremendous bio-diversity, wild-life flora and fauna. The waters that flow from these mountains represent the very lifeline of our bustling city below.

This region is also important for its many recreational opportunities to the 3.3 million residents of San Diego county and beyond. Activities in the backcountry include hiking, interpretive and historic tours, lake activities, equestrian, shopping, agri-tourism and much more.

As part of our broad and on-going efforts, our team is launching a Kickstarter campaign starting on March 1, 2019. The money being raised will be used to outfit new sites in the Cleveland National Forest - El Prado / Laguna Campground and Burnt Rancheria campgrounds.

Our tree tents and bell tents are non-permanent structures that cause little disturbance to the surrounding environment and natural habitat. Our model allows you to enjoy a nature immersive experience in comfort, without the traditional infrastructure of building an intrusive cabin or lodging facility. Both our bell tent and tree tents can be set-up and taken down in a matter of hours, leaving no permanent footprint behind.

We place a lot of emphasis on responsible tourism and environmental stewardship during our guest engagement. We work closely with State, Federal and local authorities to ensure we're developing business policies that support a culture of environmental stewardship and responsible tourism.

Everything about our business model is designed to encourage responsible tourism and environmental stewardship.

We align with responsible companies like Tentsile, which plant 3 trees for every tent sold. We've also actively supported the efforts of both the San Diego Backcountry Visitors Bureau, as well as the Julian Chamber of commerce, as well as many other conservation efforts in San Diego's backcountry.

We continue to advocate for policies that support ensure the environmental protection of our backcountry, while encouraging the growth of sustainable business models.

With your help, we hope to continue getting people outdoor in nature and supporting the growth of sustainable tourism in San Diego. Learn more at the following link:

Our Kickstarter campaign will run from March 1-31, 2019 and we’re hoping to raise $25,000 to outfit our new sites in the Cleveland National Forest and Fort Cross.

 Thanks for your support and we'll keep you updated on our efforts


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