Environmental Policy

This environmental policy came about as a result of over 10 years travel across some of the most exotic destinations on the planet. From a treehouse in India’s rainforests to a tent in the sub-saharan deserts of the Red Sea; these & many other examples of sustainable tourism models have inspired our tourism policy.

In a time when our planet needs it most, Alter Experiences LLC will set the standard for a tourism model centered around sustainability, conservation & the protection of our resources in the San Diego Central Mountain Region.

We're dedicated to pioneering business practices that encourage overall sustainability, a balance with nature conservation, & encouraging localized business growth. 

We're setting out to prove that economic growth & sustainable business development can be achieved without plundering our resources, destroying the environment, succumbing to corporate greed, or sending jobs overseas. There are countless examples of business models such as agri-business, eco-tourism & renewable energy tech that we need to begin encouraging & investing in as a community.

It's time for a change in the way we live, in the way we do business and in our priorities as a society.

A Model of Sustainable Tourism in San Diego

While our board of directors were exploring potential sites for our tourism model, we were captivated by San Diego’s Central Mountain region & its conservation model. It was clear to us that there was no better place that could exemplify an internationally recognized model of sustainable tourism development in Southern California.

These regions are some of San Diego’s most pristine & bio-diverse habitats. Our ultimate goal is to work with community partners and stakeholders to exemplify this destination as a model of sustainable tourism development & environmental conservation. It is our goal to encourage sustainable tourism practices, creating nature-oriented, educational, and engaging visitor experiences.

“Cuyamaca is a scenic mountain community of Cuyamaca Peak, North Peak, Middle Peak, & Stonewall Peak. Cuyamaca is a forested area of oaks, incense cedar, white fir, and pines. Also riparian trees, such as willow, alder, and sycamore, lie along many small spring fed streams. Boulder Creek is designated a “Wild and Scenic River”. Lake Cuyamaca is located in a natural valley and covers about 100 acres. The Lake Cuyamaca meadow has fifteen sensitive plant species, is biologically one of the most important areas in the county, and is a Resource Conservation Area. The Cuyamaca Sponsor Group area has abundant wildlife, mountain lions, bobcats, deer, badgers, foxes, bald and 9 golden eagles, and over a hundred species of birds. At an altitude of over 4000 ft., Cuyamaca is characterized by seasonal color changes on the open meadows and hillsides, from wildflowers to snow…

The Cuyamaca Subregional Group area is one of the most unique scenic areas of San Diego County. It is a rural, residential mountain community, dependen  on limited groundwater. Residents have a recreational lifestyle of hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, and horseback riding. They enjoy clean air and water, a clear night sky, spacious mountain views, and peace and quiet…

The desire of residents to preserve the area’s beauty of undisturbed nature will severely limit the future development of Cuyamaca…”

Central Mountain Subregional Plan - San Diego County General Plan


Visitor Education

We are present for every guest check-in so and continue to place emphasis on safety and environmental stewardship during every briefing. We also make ourselves available throughout the stay if need be. We emphasis visitor safety and responsible tourism through our marketing approach and social media activism.


Water Conservation

In our efforts to conserve water in California’s drought stricken regions, we’ll be implementing water recycling practices like grey water recycling & rain harvesting. We’ll be be encouraging water conservation practices in a time when California needs it the most. Raising awareness about the seriousness of the drought condition in California will be an important part of our educational campaign. We’ll incorporate water saving practices & water conservation as our communities most important environmental priority.


Waste Reduction

Waste reduction measures will include waste minimization, waste reuse, and recycling. We’ll place emphasis on raising awareness about pollution & moving away from plastic and other products that negatively impact our environment and wildlife. We’ll provide alternatives like biodegradable plastics made from polyethylene plastic which will degrade in 70-80 days.

A major part of the experience will include getting guests to start thinking about their environmental foot prints, as well as steps they can take to reduce waste and pollution. The visitor experience is designed to nurture a culture of recycle, re-use, reduce & getting people to re-think their day-to-day consumption habits.

We’ll be using a multi-media approach to engender this message, as well as workshops designed to educate and engage our guests about these serious environmental issues.


Community Development

Culture and heritage will play an integral part of the overall guest experience. We’ll encourage tours to some of the historical sites in the region, as well as the nearby reservations and visitors centers. We’ll provide on-line resources, pamphlets, and other media that will serve to educate visitors about the region’s rich heritage and culture.

We’ll work with community partners who can assist us with providing a multitude of activities such as equestrian, water-sports, hiking, hunting, agro-tours, yoga & star-gazing.

This will allow us to offer experience based tour packages in collaboration with local stakeholder, while engendering a business atmosphere that encourages overall economic growth for the community. This model will allow us to grow strong as a leading tourism destination, while giving the community a stake in the region’s economic growth. We’ll be actively working with and supporting like minded businesses, non-profits & responsible tourism development planners.


How Visitors Can Get Involved

By visiting Alter Experiences LLC, you're already making a positive, environmental choice in destination. We need the support of our guests to conserve the natural resources of the region. There are many things you can do to get involved like joining one of our workshops, being a responsible tourist while visiting the region and expanding your own personal knowledge about environmental conservation and sustainable living. Here are a few other things you can do to help us:

 - Shorten your showers and don’t leave water needlessly running.
 - Take home items which are difficult to recycle here, such as batteries.
 - Use energy wisely. Turn off all appliances and lights when not needed.
 - Reduce plastic bottle waste. Try alternatives like biodegradable plastics.
 - Don’t litter. If you find litter pick it up and dispose of it in bins
 - Report violations of environmental laws

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