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Shantel and Rami USFS Outfitters - Kickstarter

Company Founders Shantel and Rami Abdel at Laguna Mountain - Cleveland National Forest

The company is working on expanding the current glamping sites in San Diego by outfitting 6 to 8 new locations, and they require a capital of $25,000 to achieve this goal.

San Diego – Alter Experiences LLC is an outdoor hospitality company and the only one of a kind outdoor glamping venue in San Diego. Utlizing Tentsile (tree tents), they have been providing people with a perfect get away from their bustling routines since 2016 at the most exotic sites nestled in the high mountain forests of San Diego. The Company is now taking its cause of promoting sustainable tourism in San Diego up a notch by setting up new sites in backcountry mountains of Cleveland National Forest.

We're so grateful to be telling our story and encouraging others to strive for a lifestyle based on sustainable living and nature oriented experiences.

Meet our Company Founders Shantel & Rami Abdel

Alter Experiences LLC is the result of an ever-evolving dream, very different from the busy modern day world. It’s a vision of a simpler place where life is basic, beautiful & in resonance with nature. This dream inspired our lifestyle & business approach.

We're grateful for this opportunity to be setting some exciting new hospitality trends in Southern California tourism.

Join the movement. Pledge by March 31:

When we launched Alter Experiences, we set out to find the most comfortable and extraordinary tent on the market. We wanted something unique and exciting that would awaken the inner child and encourage people to camp more often. It was also very important to us that we aligned with a company with the highest ethical and green standards, which would compliment our sustainably oriented tourism model. After weeks of research and testing out gear, we decide that Tentsile Tree Tents would be our flagship product.

3k milestone for kickstarter

Thank you to everyone that's pledged so far and supported our company vision. #KickstartGlampingSanDiego is off to a great start. We've had 20 backers so far in the first few days and pledges amounting to $3,040. We have a few more individuals that have committed to pledges and we're confident that we'll be reaching our $25,000 goal before the deadline. Don't forget to LIKE and SHARE our content on Facebook / Instagram. We wouldn't have made it this far without your help. We're counting on our first backers to spread the word and help get us through the finish line.

Bell Tent Glamping in the SnowWhen we first set out to create our glamping business, we wanted to create unique and different spaces in nature that would appeal to a wide audience, including non-campers.

Our tree tents were a hit from the start, but we realized that experience wasn't for everyone. Our glamping operation in San Diego's backcountry can be challenging in these mountains at elevations of 6,000+ ft. Temperature is on average 10 degrees colder than the coast and the winter's can be brutal. It's known to get into the low 20's at times.

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