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Margaret Mead

Temperatures are finally warming up and our waterfalls in the San Diego Mountains are flowing strong. No better time to visit and enjoy our beautiful waterfalls.

We've had so much needed rain and snowfall this year and we're expecting a very hot summer. We have various waterfalls which you can visit including: Green Valley Falls, Cedar Creek Falls, Three Sisters Falls and Merrigan Trail Falls.

Now is the time to book your glamping reservation and make the hike to some of these magnificent backcountry waterfalls.

We're going Facebook LIVE on Sunday 3/31/19 as operation #KickstartGlampingSanDiego comes to an end. Thanks for everyone's continued support. We've exceeded our pledge goal and reached $25,790 as or March 27.

We weren’t exactly sure what to expect when we launched operation #KickstartGlampingSanDiego

We built this company from the ground-up and we invested everything we had into it. It was important for us to see the business grow organically, while we fine tuned our operation and set a standard for outdoor hospitality.

We exceeded our $25,000 pledge goal this morning. None of it was easy or would’ve even been possible without the support of so many of you. Still kind of hard to believe at times. I had my doubts and low points. I’ve learned so much from the entire experience. I am excited to apply crowd-funding campaigns in the future, as we get to opening new glamping destinations over the coming years.

Company Founders Shantel and Rami Abdel at Laguna Mountain - Cleveland National Forest

The company is working on expanding the current glamping sites in San Diego by outfitting 6 to 8 new locations, and they require a capital of $25,000 to achieve this goal.

San Diego – Alter Experiences LLC is an outdoor hospitality company and the only one of a kind outdoor glamping venue in San Diego. Utlizing Tentsile (tree tents), they have been providing people with a perfect get away from their bustling routines since 2016 at the most exotic sites nestled in the high mountain forests of San Diego. The Company is now taking its cause of promoting sustainable tourism in San Diego up a notch by setting up new sites in backcountry mountains of Cleveland National Forest.

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